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We're artists, techies, risk-takers and rule-breakers, dedicated to creating slot games that players really want to play.

We captivate by combining revolutionary gaming tools with smart maths and stunning graphics. The unique games we build are targeted at different players using insightful data and collaborative relationships with our partners.

Always moving forward, testing and experimenting, we're discovering better ways to entertain, engage and reward.

Are you ready to give your players a refreshing gaming experience?

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Our games

We're shaking up the slot world

Discover new worlds with this 6x3 reel set with multipliers, free games, clumped symbols, MegaHit & More.

Storm the castle with this revolutionary cascade game with 4 wall challenges, multipliers, 3 static jackpots, MegaHit & More.

Visit the world of ancient Egypt with this 6x3 reel set with clumped symbols, Free Games, Reel Enhancements, MegaHit & More.

Mean Machine


Halls of Valhalla

Mega Reel


The Sapphire System

A unique gamification tool

This game-enhancement system allows players to increase the odds of their spin by introducing power-ups.

Think mushrooms in Super Mario.

Think multi-ball in Pinball.

Think boosters in Candy Crush.

Players buy or earn sapphires to exchange for these power-ups. It's the next revolution in slot gaming.

Discover new ways to entertain.

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Who we are



We combine brilliant design and stunning graphics to captivate imaginations, entertain and engage players.



Constantly innovating and always learning, we collaborate with operators to develop high quality, new experiences that keep players returning time and time again.



Merging gaming and online slot machines, we’re shaking things up to create a new kind of gaming experience that stands out to players.



With revolutionary tools, smart algorithms and outstanding graphics, we push the limits.


Our Partners

Sapphire Gaming is partnered with relax Gaming as part of the Silver Bullet programme.


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We're always looking for new partners who can help us discover new ways to entertain, engage and reward players.

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